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About us

Thank you for the opportunity of introducing ourselves to you. We are Rockwell Truck Lines, a specialty transport company dedicated to providing the best transportation service in North America. With experienced drivers and well cared for, late model equipment, we can deliver your specialized shipments when and how you need it. From its inception in 1998, our mission has been to be a leader in specialized freight transportation, providing fast, efficient and friendly service that is second to none!

Starting with only one truck, the company has expanded to keep pace with the rising need in the transportation industry. Evolving with the constantly changing requirements of today’s marketplace, Rockwell Truck Lines can meet any transportation need that may arise by offering specialized wide load and LTL freight services throughout Canada and the continental United States.


Our History 


Our Beginning

Rockwell Truck line was founded over a decade and a half ago in 2004.

Working hard to provide great service and earning the trust of many companies, Rockwell Trucks then became a Tier 1 carrier with a strong, reliable, and trustworthy reputation across the North American Transportation Industry.

The Brampton base

With the growing demand for our services, Rockwell Truck line decided to expand its base to Brampton. Having a central location in order to service our well-cared-for trucks and as a starting point for many journeys was imperative and Brampton checked off all of those qualities. And so, Rockwell Trucks opened up the Brampton base.


Romulus Michigan Office

Our transport company continued to grow with new clients and new demands which meant it was time to expand its home base yet again. After some consideration and ‘shopping’ around, Rockwell Truck line decides to open up its new office in Romulus, Michigan.

Sherbrook Office

When offering excellent service with fast and efficient deliveries, it is expected that growth will continue; and it did for Rockwell Trucks. Even more demand from our new and returning clients made the possibility of a new office closer than ever. Taking the opportunity, Rockwell Truck line then opens up an office in Sherbrook.


London DropYard

As our business expanded so did the length and amount of our routes. Soon, it became necessary that we open up a Drop Yard. This cut down the amount of travel needed for deliveries and stopped the drivers from having to drive back and forth between the delivery and the terminal. This ensured that our service was continually quick and efficient. After searching for the perfect location, Rockwell trucks opens up a Drop Yard in London.

Strategic Partnerships

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