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Drive 4 Rockwell

Rockwell Trucks is a specialty transport company dedicated to providing the best transportations services in North America. With experienced drivers as well as new ones, we are committed to fast, efficient, and friendly service to all of our customers. Sound like a team you can see yourself joining?

Company Drivers

We are looking for hard-working, dedicated, and diligent Company Drivers, either single or team, to run different routes such as Canada-only, Cross-border, and/or local. Whether you are experienced or just starting out, Rockwell Trucks is the place for you. We also offer job training, available to all who are qualified.

Owner Operators

If you are looking for a managerial position, we are also accepting applicants for Owner Operators. We are looking for ethical, well-rounded, and intelligent people who will be taking their role as a leader for Rockwell Trucks and using it to better the company and better the staff in day-to-day operations.


Here at Rockwell Trucks, we offer:

Great Earning Potentials

With many opportunities for raises and promotions within the company, you have the potential to increase what you are earning throughout your career. We also have positions in managerial roles for truck drivers who are maybe looking for a promotion that lets you stay closer to home. Working hard, safe, and diligently really does pay off.

Flexible Schedule and On-Time Payment

With Rockwell Trucks, you never have to worry about your paycheck’s being late. They will always arrive on-time and correctly, saving any headaches or frustration that comes with late compensation. We also have flexible Scheduling allowing you to take control of your time and make a schedule that works for not only the company but for you.

In-house maintenance team

Rockwell Trucks has its own maintenance team on-site to keep our trucks in top shape so you don’t have to worry while on the road. Our trucks are well-maintained, reliable, late-model machines that will take you wherever you need them. No more hassles with maintenance shops and figuring out receipts – Rockwell Trucks are maintained on-site before you even touch the road.

New and Well-Maintained DEDICATED Trucks

Our trucks are well-maintained and reliable whether they are new, or later models. You can always trust in the machine you are driving cross-country, internationally, or locally. And they are specifically dedicated to the job that they are doing, making them the perfect fit. All they need is a dedicated driver.