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Our Advantage

`Why 1000+ customers trust our Trucking Service
And why you should to'

Solopreneur, Start-up or a Conglomerate? You have worked hard and deserve the best. We offer you the best – the best trucking service.

The combination of a select high-performance vehicles, linked to a guaranteed world class customer service provides for an exciting goods transportation experience that can also be enjoyed for periods even post delivery. This is clearly how trucking should be done.

By choosing us, we believe you are accessing one of the most comprehensive range of services dealing with the movement of goods on land, and the most exciting “customer-first” team of professionals in the market today.


Reasons why you should choose us:

The Finest Drivers

We understand that you are faced with more competition everyday. So we make things easy and more fun for you with our team of courteous, professional, and extremely helpful drivers. In deed, they help us score more brownie points – as their dedication to duty have become one of the biggest compliments we receive. Today, we give you that advantage; trust them to drive your business forward a mile at a time.

High Quality Fleet

We take great pride in providing you with a well maintained fleet. All our vehicles are brand new as we update our fleet every year, ensuring that you receive reliable equipment when placing an order.


We have contracts with thousands of companies for the delivery of their goods including, medical supplies and equipment, parts, office supplies, raw materials, and countless other items.

Real-Time Tracking

Our clients trust us to get great value and outstanding service. One such area is “Tracking.” Thanks to our transparent processes underpinned by leading-edge technology – a powerful computerized tracking system, it is easy to get to grips with tracking your cargo. At any point, wherever you are, you can stay informed about the whereabouts of your delivery. This is more peace of mind to you.

Robust Customer Support

With us, customers are only one phone call away from full assistance, 24 hours a day; we guarantee comprehensive assistance – not only when there is a problem, but throughout the duration or contract ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination on time. Companies both at home and abroad put faith in us to deliver in every sense of the word, because we offer a truly friendly reliable cost-effective service.

Safety and Compliance

We recognise that the occupational health and safety of our people and that of other road users and the public are of paramount importance.

Therefore, we’ve established an Occupational Health and Safety Policy implemented across the business based on the belief that accidents can be prevented and it is the Group’s objective to provide and maintain a healthy, safe and secure work setting for its employees, customers and the general public.