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What We Offer

As a service provider, we recognise the impact of our service levels on the success of our customer’s business, and strive to offer consistently excellence-driven truck transportation services at a level greater than any other company in the industry.

We do this by offering competitive prices, by the mile, hourly, or flat rates for local or long hauls.

With a strong background in the Logistics and Supply Chain Management industry we are confident that we understand your specific needs, and are well aware of how the rapidly moving marketplace affects those needs.

So, we are quick off the mark to dedicate considerable technical and human resources, and offer full support to ensure that all goods transported are handled professionally, securely and on time made possible by a personalized service built around your unique needs. As far as we can tell, this is the only way to make your day.


Our Services


Expedited Delivery

You shouldn’t settle for less, put off your due date, or miss that important order.

Choosing the right trucking company is only part of a successful business decision.  Where we differ is being able to provide access to a covet-worthy range of cargo delivery at lightning speed.

Unlike many service providers, we own and manage our trucking company. That way we can monitor performance and make sure that time-critical services are given priority. This means your business can always count on our express services, even during busy periods.

Ideal for the time-conscious business, we pride ourselves on delivering as promised. So, if you do need an item delivered promptly, we are always ready to help.


We will help you get dedicated transport – this unique service option reflects your needs and the type of goods you want transported.

Dedicated transport services begin with a need. It’s all that matters. How do you get a special cargo from point A to B without compromising it’s quality and quantity?

As your trucking expert, we take the pressure off of you!

Although almost every transport company believes it is capable of moving unique cargo, there are reasons why this rarely happens. Dedicated cargo transport requires skill, experience, and of course the right equipment – where the professional stays abreast of new trends, new products and new equipment. We check all these boxes and more.

Of monumental importance is a thorough knowledge of laws, regulations, and transportation techniques of special needs cargoes. Anything that could potentially go wrong is a potential disaster. So, we really do bring our trove of capabilities to the table so we can get it right for you at the first opportunity!


Temperature Controlled

The quality of a temperature controlled transport service can play an important role in helping your business be a success.

Our services range from supplying cutting-edge temperature controlled trucks to professional handling of the cargo.  Whatever type of material you need transporting under this special condition, we want you to be safe in the knowledge that our professionalism and judgment can be depended upon.

Here, we pride ourselves by our temperature controlled expertise!

We offer temperature controlled transport solutions of dry and refrigerated cargo, whether it be fresh, frozen, ambient or groupage. This we do twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to satisfy all our customers requirements.

To ensure that your cargo arrives in good condition, it can be transported at temperatures ranging from -25 degree celsius to +25 degree celsius.


We want businesses to pay less for the best  drayage services. Whether you have a large or small cargo, you care for it and we want you to save money and get the best from our service.

For those of you who don’t know us yet, we are savvy business people ourselves –  our aim is to combine the best trucks, customer support, and professionalism with time-tested procedures developed through our own business experience, without the price tag of big companies.

We offer a thought through drayage service. Being hands-on means that we are able to pay real attention to detail in ensuring your goods get from container ships to warehouses, storage lots, or rail yards seamlessly.

With every cargo you entrust in our trust, you get the opportunity to let us know what you think – what works, what isn’t so useful, what modifications you would like to see to fit your particular needs.

Rockwell White

Freight Management Solutions

Let’s not be about the bush: Freight management is a complicated area for any kind of business without proper help. You need the best possible advice and strategies and you’ll get plenty from our freight management consultants.

Our knowledge of the industry is excellent and our management service is second to none.

What you’ll get – freight managers that have broken the tradition of simply selling a solution. Rather, we offer a complete bespoke service to support you and your objectives alike. With our independent knowledge and advice we will make sure you get the right type of solution you need, at the right prices, when you need them.

Also, you will get to enjoy an opportunity to leverage our vast network of partners, as well as technologies, experience and insights, and our high-volume businesses means we can offer extremely competitive prices.